Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Our Products

Are All Products Hand-painted?

Yes. All products displayed are hand-painted by us.

Are All Products washable?

Yes. All products can be washed with a mild soap. There would be a care instruction card given to you with the order.

Which paints do we use?

The paints and processes are exclusive to our business. Sadly, that can't be shared with anybody.

Order Information

How Will I Know If You Have Received My Order?

During the payment process you will be given a confirmation that your debit / credit card has been successfully processed. You will also be given an order confirmation number through an email from the Yellow Brush.

Can I Customise My Order?

Yes. You can email us your order at studioyellowbrush@gmail.com or connect to us on Instagram.

What If An Item Is Out Of Stock?

We make every effort to keep all products in stock. However, there may be times when unexpected demands exceed our supply. If you place an order for an item which is not in stock, we will inform you through an email and credit your debit/credit card within two business days of purchase. We will not retain your request for an out of stock product in a back order system. In the future, we hope to be able to notify you when an out of stock item becomes available which would allow you to place a new order for this product.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

We make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible. We usually require 15-20 working days to dispatch your order. However if the quantities ordered are more than 5 pieces per product per style, or in case the item ordered is under production it may take longer to process the order. In such cases we keep you posted through email.

Will I Be Charged For Shipping?

All of Yellow Brush orders have free shipping for domestic orders.

Will Everything Ship Together?

Yes. Because we do not process backorders, whatever is in stock will be shipped together.

How Do I Track My Order?

You will be informed of the order status on via mail. In case, you did not receive any update, please mail us to studioyellowbrush@gmail.com

Can I Change My Shipping Address After Placing My Order?

Please contact us (studioyellowbrush@gmail.com) with your requested change and we will send you an email reply to confirm if we were able to make the change. If we have already handed your order over to the shipping company then we are unable to make any shipping address changes. 

Billing & Payments

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all MasterCard, VISA, American Express Cards (an online real-time authorization is done through the Payment Gateway). We also support UPI payments.

If I Have Problems With My Order, Whom Should I Contact?

If you have any problems or concerns about your order, please email us at studioyellowbrush@gmail.com

How Can I Modify My Order?

You can modify your order at any time during the shopping process by editing / modifying your shopping cart. Once you confirm payment for the items in your shopping cart, the order is considered as final and cannot be modified.

How Can I Cancel My Order?

Once you confirm payment of your order, your order cannot be changed or cancelled. You will need to contact 12 hours of placing your order for us to be able to confirm this cancellation. In case we have already processed your order you will be advised that the cancellation is not possible. As we aim to maintain quick turnaround times on our order processing, dispatch and deliveries, we may not be able to support your request unless it is received within the stipulated time frame. Cancellations are solely at the discretion of The Yellow Brush.

Gift Services

Can I Have The Product Gift Wrapped?

Yes, you can mention that while ordering.

Can I Include A Gift Message With The Package?

Yes, a gift message can be included with your order.